Privacy Policy

Last updated: 20170115

Our privacy policy will help you understand what information we collect at Prenly and how Prenly uses it. When we talk about “Prenly,” “we,” “our,” or “us” in this policy, we are referring to Textalk Media AB, the company which provides the Services. When we talk about the “Services” in this policy, we are referring to our digital newspaper reader used by your Publisher.

When we talk about the “Publisher”, we are referring to the newspaper you read or subscribe to. Our Services are currently available for use via a web browser or applications specific to mobile or tablet devices with iOS or Android.

Our Cookie Policy

Prenly uses cookies, or similar technologies to record log data.

Some cookies are associated with your User account and personal information in order to remember that you are logged in. Other cookies are not tied to your user account but are unique and gives us important insights into the quality of the Services, enabling us to improve and better meet the needs of all visitors.

If you access the Services through your browser, you can manage your cookie settings there but if you disable all cookies you may not be able to use the Services. We use 3rd parties like Google Analytics and Flurry for website and app analytics. You may opt-out of third party cookies from Google Analytics and Flurry on their respective websites.

We do not currently recognize or respond to browser-initiated Do Not Track signals.

Other information we collect and receive

Content and information submitted by users to the Services is referred to in this policy as “User Data.”

Prenly may collect and receive the following information:

  • User account information. Users provide information such as an email address and password to create an account.
  • Customer ID’s. We may collect information about your unique Customer ID in order to verify your rights to access content.
  • Device information. We may collect information about the device you are using the Services on, including what type of device it is, what operating system you are using, device settings, application IDs, unique device identifiers, and crash data.
How we use your information

We use your information to provide and improve the Services.

Prenly may access and use User Data as reasonably necessary and in accordance with your Publisher to provide, maintain and improve the Services.

Your publisher may use User Data to provide more targeted ads and to improve their content quality.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

We may change this policy, and if we do we will post any changes on this page. We will assume you agree to the revised policy if you continue to use the Services after those changes are in effect.

Contact Us

Please also feel free to contact us if you have any questions about Prenly’s Privacy Policy.