Maximizing Reader Engagement with Prenly's Push Notifications

Send unlimited push notifications to readers' iOS and Android devices with Prenly Editor. Schedule, create custom messages, and select desired applications for effective audience engagement.

Push notifications are a powerful tool for engaging your readership, providing them with timely updates and drawing them back into your digital publication. Prenly's platform allows you to leverage this tool to its full potential, providing you with the ability to send unlimited push notifications to your readers' iOS and Android devices.

The Power of Push Notifications
When a user clicks on a push notification sent via Prenly, the app opens up and displays the homepage, where the user can choose which edition they want to read. This immediate engagement increases readership and fosters a more direct relationship with your readers.

Reviewing and Deleting Push Notifications

To find a previously started or completed push notification, use the search mode and enter either the name of your push notification, the date or time you've chosen to have the push notification sent, or the current status (e.g., "Approved for delivery" or "Sent").

If you need to delete a push notification before it is sent, simply click on the "three-dot menu" in the upper right corner and then select "Delete" This will remove the notification from Prenly.

Utilizing push notifications in your digital publication strategy allows you to connect with your readers in real-time, boosting engagement and maintaining reader interest. Prenly's user-friendly platform makes it easier than ever to implement this powerful tool in your communication strategy.

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