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Create your digital newspaper with or without PDF

Prenly is a powerful toolkit allowing publishers to easily publish their very best articles and pages as interactive, digital newspapers to their own branded Prenly Reader apps for mobile, tablet, and browser devices. It's as simple as these three steps!

OF COURSE! Prenly is also able to automatically turn your PDF-based print newspaper into a digital replica.

Collaborate for ensuring content quality

Share the workload within your entire team. Whether it's to submit and approve content or to publish new issues. Prenly will streamline your workflow and ensure content quality.

Build and strengthen your user relations

Create, manage and retain your users with Prenly's user management module. Easily assign pre-built or custom roles you create for your organization.

Generate leads

Require your visitors to input their email before reading your newspaper.

Configure permissions

Easily specify permissions needed for accessing your online publications.

Authenticate your users

Connect Prenly to your existing subscription system to grant users permission.

Prenly also comes with a white-labeled Reader.

Native apps for web, Android & iOS

A newspaper app with high readability for everyone, everywhere

To ensure the best readability to anyone - Prenly Reader is developed and designed in a cooperation with both publishers and readers as well as with the Swedish Agency for Accessible Media, MTM

See its key features


Key features within Prenly Reader

Deliver the best reading experience for all major browsers and platforms with your branded web & mobile apps

High Readability

You are able to customize size, colors, fonts and more to fit your reading needs.

Custom landing page

Simply promote your publications in any order you desire to present them in.

Your own domain

Use your own domain name and SSL-certificate.

Offline mode

Download publications before entering a plane or hiking in the mountains.


Keep track and learn from your readers by using our integrations to Google Analytics and Flurry.

Push notifications

Increase your readers' engagement with customized push notifications.

Social sharing

Easily allow your readers to share pages and articles as many times as you define.

Text to speech

Listen to individual articles or entire issues while driving your car or relaxing on your bed.

Advanced search

Search cross titles to find specific topics optionally within a custom date range.


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Try Prenly for free!
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