Teknikens Värld: A New Chapter in Digital Integration with Prenly

Discover how Prenly, Textalk's digital publishing platform, has been instrumental in bolstering the online presence of Teknikens Värld, Sweden's leading auto magazine. Ensuring a seamless digital transition while preserving the quality of content, this collaboration serves as a testament to Prenly's capabilities.

Read Teknikens Värld in Prenly

Teknikens Värld, a renowned Swedish auto magazine, has collaborated with us at Textalk to utilize our digital publishing platform, Prenly. The magazine, known for its detailed auto reviews and industry news, is a part of the Bonnier Magazines & Brands portfolio and has been published since 1948.

As the creators of Prenly, we are proud to support Teknikens Värld in their digital journey, ensuring that their readers continue to enjoy their favorite content with the enhanced convenience of digital access. This collaboration has enabled Teknikens Värld to smoothly transition to the digital sphere without compromising on their commitment to quality content.

Teknikens Värld is much more than a bi-monthly print magazine. Beyond its primary content, it publishes editions like "Alla Bilar", "Stora Begbilboken", "Klassiska Bilar", and formerly "Alla Båtar". The magazine became internationally recognized when they demonstrated the instability of the Mercedes A-Class during the elk test on October 21, 1997.

As they expanded their digital presence, Teknikens Värld needed a reliable platform to reach their readers efficiently. Prenly has been instrumental in providing a solution that aligns with their vision. Our user-friendly platform ensures that Teknikens Värld can easily publish their diverse content and maintain their connection with their readers, who count on them for the latest news and in-depth car reviews.

Further, Teknikens Värld is no stranger to the world of television. They had their TV program on Kanal 5 between 1995-1997, which paved the way for Motorjournalen. In 2008, Teknikens Värld returned to TV, this time with their editorial team as hosts. The program is shown on TV8.

Our collaboration with Teknikens Värld exemplifies how Prenly can aid in the seamless transition to digital for print publications. As digitalization becomes increasingly important, we are committed to supporting our clients in reaching their audience effectively and efficiently, while preserving the essence of their content. Teknikens Värld's success with Prenly is a testament to the advantages and potential of our digital publishing platform.

Read Teknikens Värld in Prenly

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