Harnessing the Power of Digital Publishing: NWT Media and Textalk's Prenly

Here at Textalk, we are proud to work with some of Sweden’s leading media houses, equipping them with the tools they need to thrive in the digital age. One such media house is NWT Media AB, an institution that has championed local journalism since 1836. With our platform Prenly, NWT Media has found a dynamic solution for its digital publishing needs, ensuring the continued delivery of quality journalism to its communities.

NWT Media: Steadfast in Local Journalism

NWT Media is part of the NWT Group, and it operates 17 local brands across Värmland, Dalsland, and Skaraborg, reaching audiences through websites, apps, and print products. While others in their industry have centralized or shut down titles, NWT Media has fostered and developed its local brands, preserving the local editorship, journalism, and presence.

Beyond their journalism, they also offer media advice, strategy, and the production of advertisements, films, and campaigns. As one of Sweden's first media houses, NWT Media even provides broadband services, demonstrating their commitment to meeting their audience's evolving needs.

Prenly: A Digital Solution for an Evolving Landscape

In response to the rapid changes and advancements in the media industry, NWT Media sought out solutions that would allow them to better serve their communities and keep local journalism at the forefront of their operations. That's where Textalk's Prenly came in.

Our platform provided NWT Media with a dynamic and adaptable solution for their digital publishing needs, giving them the flexibility to deliver their content when, where, and how their readers prefer. Our collaborative partnership with NWT Media has allowed us to understand their unique needs and tailor our platform to meet those requirements, facilitating the development of their digital products and services, both editorial and commercial.

The Impact of Digital Transformation

Since integrating Prenly, NWT Media has seen the value in investing in digital transformation for their brand. Not only has it enabled them to respond to changing consumption patterns and consumer behaviors, but it has also strengthened their commitment to local journalism and their community.

NWT Media continues to work closely with us, highlighting their belief in the power of digital tools and platforms in advancing their services. Our teams are in constant communication, and we regularly exchange ideas to ensure that Prenly continues to serve their evolving needs effectively.

With 260 employees across various fields, NWT Media has created a dynamic and innovative workplace that strives for continued growth and digital innovation. As they work towards taking their local brands into the future, we at Textalk are proud to stand with them, offering the digital tools and support they need to succeed.

Partnering for the Future

At Textalk, we are thrilled to continue our partnership with NWT Media. As they strive to deliver local journalism of the highest quality and contribute to their communities, we are here to provide the digital solutions that support their goals. Together, we look forward to shaping the future of local journalism and embracing the digital age.

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