Case Study: Streamlining Digital Publication Management – A Look at Expressen's Success

Among the numerous media businesses that have benefitted from advanced digital solutions, Expressen, one of Sweden's leading daily newspapers, stands out.

Established in 1944, Expressen, an unbound liberal newspaper, is a part of the Bonnier News Group. With its primary operations headquartered in Stockholm and additional editorial offices located in key global cities such as Washington D.C., Paris, Beirut, and London, Expressen's reach is truly international. The complexity of managing the main newspaper, along with regional newspapers like GT and Kvällsposten, posed a unique set of challenges.

The Challenge
The task of managing digital publications across multiple platforms, each with its distinct set of subscribers, presented a daunting task. This included administration of subscriptions, processing payments, and controlling access to digital content — an operation that was both time-consuming and susceptible to errors.

The Solution: Implementing Prenly
To address these challenges, Expressen adopted Prenly, a comprehensive platform that simplifies digital publication management. Prenly offers an integrated solution for subscriptions, payment processing, and content access control.

This transition allowed Expressen, a newspaper recognized for its commitment to high journalistic standards — evidenced by its staff being awarded the prestigious Great Journalist Prize 15 times — to concentrate on what they do best: creating award-winning news content.

The Results
The introduction of Prenly's subscriber management system brought about a significant transformation in Expressen's approach to digital publication management. By minimizing errors and freeing up staff to focus on content creation, Expressen experienced noticeable operational efficiencies.

Furthermore, Prenly's advanced analytical tools provided Expressen with deep insights into subscriber behavior. This data enabled Expressen to tailor experiences, enhancing subscriber satisfaction.

Expressen's successful adoption of Prenly underscores the transformative potential of an efficient digital publication management system. As the media landscape continues to evolve and become more complex, it is essential for media businesses to leverage effective digital solutions. Expressen's journey serves as a testament to this, demonstrating that with the right tools, media companies can streamline their processes, enhance customer satisfaction, and continue to thrive in the digital age.

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