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Are you our new Front-end

We need an experienced front-end developer

We’re looking for a front-end developer to join our passionate team, trying to increase accessibility of digital content for everyone, everywhere.

What we do

We’re building a powerful toolkit for all kind of publishers that wants to simplify their digital publishing, improve readability to anyone and strengthen relationships to their readers.

Our toolkit consists of three products:

  • Prenly Admin, web applications written in ReactJS with a PHP REST API.
  • Prenly Native Reader, mobile app for iOS and Android written in Swift and Java.
  • Prenly Web Reader, web applications written in ReactJS.

Sounds like the job for you?
Contact Jens Halvarsson | 072-250 57 20

What you have
  • Experience in developing modern front end applications using Javascript, HTML5 and CSS
  • Experience with modern PHP frameworks
  • The passion to create value for end-users
  • Experience in UI/UX and writing complete ReactJS applications is a big advantage
What you get
  • A lot of appreciation 🙌
  • A chance to participate at improving readability to anyone
  • A place where you can learn, teach and grow
Employment Terms

Full time, on site at our office in Gothenburg, Sweden.

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    We are making a difference

    It really feels like we are making a difference in people’s lives here at Textalk Media. Not just through our very important effort to make news and publications more accessible to readers with disabilites, but also through delivering media in a format that is more readable and accessible to anyone. This is the most important reason why I love working at Textalk Media, and the fact that the employees have a lot of influence over how we do things just makes it all that much better.

    Viktor Åkerskog
    App Developer
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    Inspiring and family oriented atmosphere

    It is inspiring to work at a company that offers a solution that simplifies people's everyday life. The one thing I appreciate the most about coming to work is the friendly, family oriented atmosphere. I also love the fact that we are given the opportunity to influence and be part of the product development process from idea to completion.

    Mikaela Berg
    Product Manager & UX/UI Designer
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    We build things for everyone

    At Textalk, a working day is never boring. There's always new stuff going on and new ideas popping up which should be set into action. And as a developer you have a good chance to influence what those things are and come up with your own ideas. It's often easy to see the value of the solutions that we're building and it's things that you can use yourself in your everyday life. We build things for everyone, and everyone here is involved in what we build.

    Kenny Johansson
    Back-end Developer & Team Leader
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    A group of skilled and inspiring people

    It feels great to help make journalism and news accessible. At Textalk Media I also get to work with a group of skilled, motivated and inspiring people who help me grow and evolve.

    Jacob Rask
    Front-end Developer & Team Leader

Sounds like the job for you?

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