Schedule Push notifications

Since your news don’t take vacation make sure to keep your readers posted with the latest topics even if your front desk is empty.
With Prenly, you can schedule push notifications so they get sent during the days you and your colleagues are off on other adventures.

Reach out to your readers while you're on holiday

Schedule your push to the time and date you want it to be sent. Once you're back from the holidays you can view the response rate from the sent notifications and evaluate these results.

Tip! Name your push notification to make it easier to search for later.

This can really help you stay on top of mind with your readers during a busy time of year. Always be mindful of the frequency and timing of push notifications, as sending too many or sending them at inconvenient times can be annoying or disruptive. Also ensure that the content of the notifications is relevant and useful to the reciever.

Manual: Send a push notification

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