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Our Story

Textalk is a spin-off from a research project that took place in the late 1970’s in our home town Göteborg in Sweden. The major daily newspaper Göteborgs-Posten initiated a project together with the technical university Chalmers which aimed to create an all digital newspaper service for blind and visually impaired users.

The project was a success and as a result Textalk was founded by the researcher at Chalmers, mr Henryk Rubinstein (who is still active at Textalk).

In the mid 1990’s we also entered the world wide web and since then we provide cloud based solutions for content conversion, online surveys, school newspapers, email distribution, plus much more.

Today we are about 50 employees (mostly engineers) working within two major business areas, media and e-commerce.

Textalk is also a market leader e-commerce supplier in Sweden.


January 17, 1992, we received a visit by the Swedish prime minister Carl Bildt who has a keen interest in how research work can be commercialised.

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