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Prenly is a part of the company Textalk that was officially created in 1987 while the digital publishing platform Prenly was born in 2015. In summary, Prenly is a young product with a lot of experience under it's belt.
The very first newspapers were handwritten, often not longer than one page, and with a sole purpose to spread awareness about ongoing wars and politics. The first printed newspaper however was published in 1609 in Germany (and who would have guessed anything else considering that Gutenberg himself was german) leading to a fast-paced progress of the newspapers that we know of today.

But as the accessibility to newspapers grew bigger and bigger in society, one group was forgotten and for a long time newspapers were only printed on, yes you guess it, paper. But then, in the late 1970 something extraordinary happened when Textalk became the first company in the world to make it possible for the visually impaired and blind to read complete daily newspapers and become more involved in everyday conversations.
Time moves fast, and in 1980 the first digital newspaper was published creating once again a huge change in how we consume content. Naturally, other newspaper companies wanted to follow but that was usually easier said than done, but in the 1990's as the first company in Sweden, Textalk made it possible for any newspaper to automatically publish a complete digital edition and become a part of the digital transformation.
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Following the digital transformation, more companies than just newspapers wanted to go online and the need for being able to create your own webshop increased. But in Sweden, creating a bussiness online was not just something you did in an afternoon. It took time, long hours with the bank and most importantly a lot of money.

Once again, Textalk saw an opportunity to change the industry and was first in the nordic region to make it possible for anyone to sell online without the need of large budgets or technical expertise.
So what about Prenly? Prenly was created to give more control to publishers who wants to publish their newspapers online. It's a tool that gives more freedom both to publishers but also their readers. Prenly focuses on usability for both groups with a high flexibility so they can adjust the tool after their needs.

Much has changed since Textalk first made it possible for visually impaired and blind to read daily newspapers, but the focus on accessibility, readability and usability has never been lost.
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